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Durango UMTRA site… “The Fog Of Nuclear Power”

These are some shots that I did on my new Panasonic GH2. It was fun to start getting to know this camera. I used the kit lens 14-42 and a Nikon 55-200 DX. Some of the shots with the DX I did not get sharp on what I wanted. But keep on working with it and I hope that lens treats me well.
Even tough, The one shot where the radiation sign is soft, I still really like how the image came out. I guess I would call it “The Fog Of Nuclear Power.”  So if you dig the music like I do. Please go out and buy all what Barn Owl has done. I have. So should you. Don’t forget to support our artists! With out us, there would be no form, just function.

Panasonic GH2

I just got my GH2! I’m am eager to start filming with this fantastic camera! The first cut is done for Zircon… Then on to the fine cut. Needleton, Colorado was great this weekend!

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Equus Pondera

Equus Pondera, is a montage a footage that was shot on my old DVX 100, my K3 16mm camera and our HVX 200. The music is Stars Of The Lid. Please go out and buy everything these two great composers have done.

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