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GH2 BKMCWD 66Mbps GOP3 AQ3 test for ‘Stone Leaf’

This is a test I did with bkmcwd settings for the hacked GH2. I did get some odd motion patterns when I was on a train going about 25 mph. But for slower movement, such as the shots of the oil rig the setting held up nicely. Also this was a lens test for some different glass I have. The files were transferred into FCP 7 Apple Prores 422 (HQ), compressed to H264. There is also no grading of the footage.

Vivitar 135 2.8
Soligar 300mm 5.5
Nikon DX 55 – 200mm 5.6
Panasonic 14 – 42mm 3.5

Barn Owl
Devotion II
Album, Lost In The Glare

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