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A Man A Smoke and a Beach

In September of 2011, I was in Oregon visiting family. I just got my GH2 and started to mess with some of the first hack patches. I forgot what patch this material was shot with, but I know it was 66 Mbps. We filmed on a public beach on the Columbia river in Portland and at the Ecola State Park, near Canon Beach. It was a blast. I had fun shooting this material and putting it together. I hope the smoking man would approve of the edit. But by looking at his hair, I would think so. Have fun with it, get ready for some warmth and beach time.

It was edited in FCP 7 with Apple Pro Res HQ compressed to H264. Graded with Magic Bullet.

Nikon 300 mm 4.5
Vivitar 135mm 2.8
Soligor 180mm 3.5

Music: Wooden Shjips, Song: Home, Album: West
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