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Could Legalizing Marijuana Save The US Economy?

Could the legalization of marijuana save the US economy? Was produced for the BBC and the story features Doug Fine’s new book, ‘Too High To Fail.’ The story hit number one on the BBC on August 23, 2012.

Reefer Madness a 1936 anti marijuana propaganda film made war on cannabis or simply pot. Richard Nixon officially declared war on drugs during his presidency. But the drug war on marijuana cost almost a trillion dollars since 1971. The US economy is in shambles. Is there a wonder crop that could stimulate the US economy? Thousands of legalize pot advocates feel that marijuana is the answer.

Doug Fine the best selling author of Farewell To My Subaru takes serious, but often times humorous look into the US failed anti marijuana campaign and investigates how pot could be America’s next bumper crop to stimulate the economy. Time magazine claims that 200 million dollars is generated each year by 500,000 legal medical marijuana card carriers. There are billions of dollars made each year off illegal pot in the US. ABC news discloses that $35.8 billion dollars is generated in the illegal pot industry. What if that money could be taxed, put into the system and out of the hands of drug gangs?

Too High To Fail looks at the American history of marijuana and then travels to Mendocino County, California to investigate how the 8 billion dollar year industry drives that county. From the local sheriff to the growers Fine gives the reader an all round perspective how pot could work for the nation and beyond. Upon reading Too High To Fail the reader quickly discovers that Fine’s journalist background covers all angeles of the pot story and it is not just a High Times marijuana romp.

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Could legalizing marijuana save the US economy?

Here is a link to my last BBC story.

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Too High To Fail… My next BBC story out in mid August

I just got the green light to produce a new story for the BBC. I will be interviewing Doug Fine, the author of “Too High To Fail.” Fine, excellent and entertaining journalism looks at the fail drug war on marijuana and how ‘weed’ can become a billion dollar industry in the US. The story will be out sometime around the later half of August, 2012. Check out Doug Fine’s website.

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