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The Silent Equinox of a Snowshoe Hare

I was able to film the Snowshoe Hare in the San Juan Mountains in southern Colorado. They are fantastic animals. I used my GH2 with Driftwood’s Mysteron patch 24p Hi Res for all the Hare shots, the nature B Roll was shot on my old but worthy HVX 200.


The Black River Adventure Arizona 2009

In April of 2009 I got invited to go raft the Black river in AZ with a great crew from Durango and two White Mountain Apaches.

We ran 97.5 miles of the Black River. It was a first decent in some ways. People have done sections of the river, but we got the green light to raft the river from the White Mountain Apaches. It’s illegal to raft the river with out permission. So don’t think about running it.

We launched over 8,000 feet in the cold and we dropped to about 3,400 feet. There are several class four rapids on this river. I was mainly running my video camera, so I did not shoot too many stills. But here are some pics form one of the best things I’ve ever done.

We were naming rapids as we ran them. Our map was an Arizona Gazetteer and some Google maps printed off. I hope we get to go back this spring at higher water.

Looking back at this footage I wish I had my Panasonic GH2 and I did not have to shoot this on SD. Nest Time!

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Mild To Wild rafting videos

Doing the video work for Mild To Wild was very fun. It was a ton of work. Here is a show reel that I made just to show off my shooting style and to get people in the mood to river running. I will post the other video’s I did for them here pretty soon.

In the spring and summer of 2010. I embarked on a journey to film promotional material for Mild To Wild Rafting, based out of Durango, Colorado. The rivers are the Upper Animas, Piedra, San Miguel and the Salt River in Arizona.

Camera: Panasonic HVX 200

Hilride and Outdoor Alliance

Here is a PSA produced by Hilride and Outdoor Alliance. This video contains whitewater footage that I did for Mild To Wild Rafting, which is based out of Durango, Colorado. I like how the footage came out. It is interesting to see how another group takes your images and usesĀ  them into their own creation. I feel it is always fun to see what the other directors and editors do with the footage.

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