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Some More Agence France Presse links… Guns and Pow Wows

Here is a story about the rush to buy guns before the 2008 election. Cope Reynolds (not Cole) is a pretty interesting guy. I have a lot of great footage of him. It would be interesting to a follow up on him. I know he move from Farmington, NM to the Arizona border in central NM. The other story is about how the economy hit the Pow Wow circuit pretty hard.

Here is the link. The compression is pretty bad. But you’ll get the point.


Pow Wows


Agence France Presse

A few years back I got the opportunity to do some freelance work for the Agence France Presse. I have to thank my friend Erica for the great opportunity. I am definitely learning how the “news” is created verses doing narrative and documentary work. I did not study journalism in college, but rather documentary film and field biology. But I finally figured out by working with the people in DC is that I am making headline news stories that are very much in the style of NPR. Doing the news, has definitely helped my story telling ability and getting to the point. But I must say I still prefer to do longer format documentary style story telling. Here are some of the links to the stories that I’ve worked on in the past. I have new stories to pitch to the folks in DC, so stay tuned for some new material.

A new uranium boom in the US West?

Off The Beaten Slope

The acceptable face of US marijuana?

Humans linked to dust cloud damage

In the US Wild West ‘skijoring’ turns extreme sport

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