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Tobie Beneli A Casket Maker For The People

I found out about Tobie Beneli’s story from a team member of my hockey team. Tobie was a great person to spend the day with. He has so much to offer in his views of the world. I shot this story with my GH2 with one of Driftwoods settings. At this point I forgot which one is done for this video. Also there are some shots from my old trusty HVX 200.


A reluctant rebellion in the Utah desert: A great story from the High Country News

The Sagebrush Rebellion from the late 70’s into the 80’s has been reborn out in Nevada and Utah. But there looks to be more protests from the anti federal land groups through out the western states. Here is a link to a great article by Jonathan Thompson from the High Country News about the latest Sagebrush Rebellion in Blanding, Utah. I have become very interested in this developing story. You all will probably see some story from Ouzel Motion Pictures about the Sagebrush Rebellion in the near future.

200,000 plays on Vimeo for The American Who Quit Money To Live In A Cave

I am very excited to report that my story The American Who Quit Money To Live In A Cave has hit 200,000 plays from my Vimeo account today.

Could Legalizing Marijuana Save The US Economy?

Could the legalization of marijuana save the US economy? Was produced for the BBC and the story features Doug Fine’s new book, ‘Too High To Fail.’ The story hit number one on the BBC on August 23, 2012.

Reefer Madness a 1936 anti marijuana propaganda film made war on cannabis or simply pot. Richard Nixon officially declared war on drugs during his presidency. But the drug war on marijuana cost almost a trillion dollars since 1971. The US economy is in shambles. Is there a wonder crop that could stimulate the US economy? Thousands of legalize pot advocates feel that marijuana is the answer.

Doug Fine the best selling author of Farewell To My Subaru takes serious, but often times humorous look into the US failed anti marijuana campaign and investigates how pot could be America’s next bumper crop to stimulate the economy. Time magazine claims that 200 million dollars is generated each year by 500,000 legal medical marijuana card carriers. There are billions of dollars made each year off illegal pot in the US. ABC news discloses that $35.8 billion dollars is generated in the illegal pot industry. What if that money could be taxed, put into the system and out of the hands of drug gangs?

Too High To Fail looks at the American history of marijuana and then travels to Mendocino County, California to investigate how the 8 billion dollar year industry drives that county. From the local sheriff to the growers Fine gives the reader an all round perspective how pot could work for the nation and beyond. Upon reading Too High To Fail the reader quickly discovers that Fine’s journalist background covers all angeles of the pot story and it is not just a High Times marijuana romp.

Panasonic GH2 and Panasonic HVX200
Driftwood setting: mysterron shot in HBR mode 29.97 fps

Music: Alfa Kay

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Too High To Fail… My next BBC story out in mid August

I just got the green light to produce a new story for the BBC. I will be interviewing Doug Fine, the author of “Too High To Fail.” Fine, excellent and entertaining journalism looks at the fail drug war on marijuana and how ‘weed’ can become a billion dollar industry in the US. The story will be out sometime around the later half of August, 2012. Check out Doug Fine’s website.

America’s Fascination With The Apocalypse

My last BBC story.

The Great American Addiction: The Apocalypse.

Matthew Barrett Gross and his wife Mel Giles have teamed up to research and publish a fascinating book about the addiction of apocalypse in the American in culture. From our religious evangelical Protestant history to our pop culture, Americans have been fascinated with the end since the European colonization. But what has changed over the centuries to the current American pathos about the end? Gross and Giles, have found the idea of the end now transcends evangelical religion and has become an idea that also concerns the left and not just the far right. Some attribute these thoughts to climate change, many feel that it comes from the economy, or the fact is that the American Century has peaked.

With in a years time span Americans have been soaking up entertainment and new of the apocalypse. The 2012 Super Bowl was highlighted by a truck ad that predicted the future as bleak and inhospitable. With in the realm of film and television, there has been the Hunger Games, a reality show’s about people prepping for the doomsday.

The Last Myth explores a question that we rarely ask as we sit enthralled by the latest apocalyptic piece of entertainment: what if our current fascination with the apocalypse actually means something? And what might we do to move beyond apocalyptic thinking and embrace the future.


Music: Than Kehmeier
George W Bush Photo: FEMA:Jocelyn Augustino
All the other footage and photos are public domain.

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The Dying Art Of Navajo Sheep Shearing

Here is another BBC story I did.

With in the remote center of the Navajo Reservation, of the United States. Arnold Clifford keeps cultural tradition alive by raising Navajo Churro Sheep. Churro sheep were introduced to the Americas by Spanish settlers along the Rio Grande Valley during their colonization northward from Mexico. While Churro sheep are a domesticated livestock they almost became extinct in the US. Navajo’s for centuries have counted on the Churro’s for their wool and meat for food.

Clifford was taught by his elders how to continue the art of hand shearing their sheep and not depending on modern electric shears. Clifford’s grandmother was a master weaver, to honor her, he donates the wool to different weaving families through out the reservation. Clifford, hopes to see the Churro sheep industry grow through out the Navajo Reservation and to create an economy where people are not dependent on welfare or the government. Besides being a sheep herder, Clifford also is a expert botanist, geologist and teacher.

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