Lasso The Sun: Navajo Translation & Transcription Kickstarter project

We have launched our Kickstarter campaign today. Get involved, spread the word, watch the video and be apart of a great documentary.


Real Estate Video Rate Sheet

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Water Wars: US states fight over Rio Grande

Water Wars: US states fight over Rio Grande was a story that I worked on for the BBC. I did the camera work. I learned a lot about the subject of the complexity of the use of water for agriculture on the lower Rio Grande river in New Mexico and Texas. I hope you all enjoy the story. The link below will send you to the BBC’s website so you can watch the piece.

The Silent Equinox of a Snowshoe Hare

I was able to film the Snowshoe Hare in the San Juan Mountains in southern Colorado. They are fantastic animals. I used my GH2 with Driftwood’s Mysteron patch 24p Hi Res for all the Hare shots, the nature B Roll was shot on my old but worthy HVX 200.

Up Close and cuddly with Colorado’s black bears

Here is the last BBC story I worked on. I help produce the story and did the filming. Working with the Colorado Parks and Recreation team was a treat. Also is was fun to have to BBC staff here in Durango to work with and show them our beautiful area.

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Durango Independent Film Festival Short Documentaries

Last week I was a judge for short documentaries at the Durango Independent Film Festival. Once again Durango Film produced an excellent festival. I highly recommend any film makers to submit their project to Durango Film. There is always great attendance for the shows and the DIFF staff has great hospitality.

The short documentary category was very strong this year. There were several excellent films but we choose Hollywood Hair for best best short doc and for jurors commendation we had a tie with Among Giants and Full Time Ministry. In short Hollywood Hair is a powerful story about compassion. Among Giants is a quiet responsible film that deals with the peaceful protest of clear cutting ancient redwood forests. Full Time Ministry is an excellent visual essay on one mans dedication to Jesus and his art.

Here are the links each of the films website.

Full Time Ministry:http:

Hollywood Hair:

Among Giants:

Know Your Rights

February 3, 2013 1 comment

Know Your Rights is a PSA (public service announcement) that I helped create way back in 2006. The video was used to help give people an idea of what to expect in a documentary style format when they enter the legal system.

I learned a lot about the system while I made this film. I loaded it up to Vimeo, so that by chance someone will come across Know Your Rights and gain some insight on the legal system.

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