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Tobie Beneli A Casket Maker For The People

I found out about Tobie Beneli’s story from a team member of my hockey team. Tobie was a great person to spend the day with. He has so much to offer in his views of the world. I shot this story with my GH2 with one of Driftwoods settings. At this point I forgot which one is done for this video. Also there are some shots from my old trusty HVX 200.


US scientists track what’s killing golden eagles

Here is a link to my last BBC story. This is the final edit. I hope you all enjoy.

Lasso The Sun: Navajo Translation & Transcription Kickstarter project

We have launched our Kickstarter campaign today. Get involved, spread the word, watch the video and be apart of a great documentary.

Water Wars: US states fight over Rio Grande

Water Wars: US states fight over Rio Grande was a story that I worked on for the BBC. I did the camera work. I learned a lot about the subject of the complexity of the use of water for agriculture on the lower Rio Grande river in New Mexico and Texas. I hope you all enjoy the story. The link below will send you to the BBC’s website so you can watch the piece.

Know Your Rights

February 3, 2013 1 comment

Know Your Rights is a PSA (public service announcement) that I helped create way back in 2006. The video was used to help give people an idea of what to expect in a documentary style format when they enter the legal system.

I learned a lot about the system while I made this film. I loaded it up to Vimeo, so that by chance someone will come across Know Your Rights and gain some insight on the legal system.

The Dying Art Of Navajo Sheep Shearing

Here is another BBC story I did.

With in the remote center of the Navajo Reservation, of the United States. Arnold Clifford keeps cultural tradition alive by raising Navajo Churro Sheep. Churro sheep were introduced to the Americas by Spanish settlers along the Rio Grande Valley during their colonization northward from Mexico. While Churro sheep are a domesticated livestock they almost became extinct in the US. Navajo’s for centuries have counted on the Churro’s for their wool and meat for food.

Clifford was taught by his elders how to continue the art of hand shearing their sheep and not depending on modern electric shears. Clifford’s grandmother was a master weaver, to honor her, he donates the wool to different weaving families through out the reservation. Clifford, hopes to see the Churro sheep industry grow through out the Navajo Reservation and to create an economy where people are not dependent on welfare or the government. Besides being a sheep herder, Clifford also is a expert botanist, geologist and teacher.

Some More Agence France Presse links… Guns and Pow Wows

Here is a story about the rush to buy guns before the 2008 election. Cope Reynolds (not Cole) is a pretty interesting guy. I have a lot of great footage of him. It would be interesting to a follow up on him. I know he move from Farmington, NM to the Arizona border in central NM. The other story is about how the economy hit the Pow Wow circuit pretty hard.

Here is the link. The compression is pretty bad. But you’ll get the point.


Pow Wows

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