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Ed Stasium and Forty Years of Loudness

This is a story I did for the BBC on Ed Stasium, one of great rock producers of our time. This was my final edit before it received some changes for the final that was posted on the BBC’s website. The music was cleared by the BBC.


US scientists track what’s killing golden eagles

Here is a link to my last BBC story. This is the final edit. I hope you all enjoy.

Water Wars: US states fight over Rio Grande

Water Wars: US states fight over Rio Grande was a story that I worked on for the BBC. I did the camera work. I learned a lot about the subject of the complexity of the use of water for agriculture on the lower Rio Grande river in New Mexico and Texas. I hope you all enjoy the story. The link below will send you to the BBC’s website so you can watch the piece.

Up Close and cuddly with Colorado’s black bears

Here is the last BBC story I worked on. I help produce the story and did the filming. Working with the Colorado Parks and Recreation team was a treat. Also is was fun to have to BBC staff here in Durango to work with and show them our beautiful area.

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Rocky Flats:Life in the shadow of a nuclear bomb factory

It was nice to get this story finally out in the public. After a few rounds of editing the story got into good shape. I knew that editing Kristen’s interview would be hard because she gave me so much good information. Below is more information about the story and Rocky Flats. It was nice to see the story hit number two in the most viewed on the BBC’s website.

Full Body Burden is a historical and personal memoir of Kristen Iversen growing up next to one of the world’s most notorious nuclear bomb factory, Rocky Flats. From 1953 to 1990, Rocky Flats built over 70 thousand plutonium bomb triggers for high capacity nuclear hydrogen bombs. Plutonium bomb triggers are in itself nuclear bombs that contain more deadly force than Fat Man, the plutonium bomb that the US dropped on Nagasaki.


Kristen Iversen weaves a haunting story of suburban life next to one of the most dangerous places on earth as if it were a Spielberg summer blockbuster. Unfortunately, Full Body Burden is not fiction; the book is a true life account of Cold War secrecy. Rocky Flats was run by Dow Chemical Corporation and many of the residents that lived near the plant in Arvada, Golden, and Boulder, Colorado thought the factory was making household cleaning supplies. But why would a house hold chemical factory need guard towers and rows of barbed wire fence being patrolled with tanks? Slowly the secret came that Rocky Flats was dealing with plutonium due to a fire that broke out in the plant in 1957 and once again in 1969. Iversen goes into details of her families personal secrets along with the clandestine operations of Rocky Flats.

Low levels and high amounts of plutonium have been found in the ground and water ways that feed the towns of Arvada, Broomfield and Westminster. Full Body Burden goes into detail of farmers’ mutated livestock and young girls dying of large malignant tumors while the government denies that Rocky Flats has anything to do with these increasingly large numbers or illnesses.

In 1989, Rocky Flats was the only US government plant that was raided by the FBI and the EPA for gross negligence of environmental contamination. The Cold War may have ended-but not in Colorado.  The earth around Rocky Flats is still contaminated; there are still large amounts of strange cancers that are killing people, but the US government is fighting tooth and nail to keep full accountability closed.

Gail Harris BBC story

I did this story on Gail Harris back in the spring 0f 2012. Gail is a fantastic person, with a great story.

Too High To Fail… My next BBC story out in mid August

I just got the green light to produce a new story for the BBC. I will be interviewing Doug Fine, the author of “Too High To Fail.” Fine, excellent and entertaining journalism looks at the fail drug war on marijuana and how ‘weed’ can become a billion dollar industry in the US. The story will be out sometime around the later half of August, 2012. Check out Doug Fine’s website.

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